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Maintenance Testing

Abacus Forensic Polygraph specializes in clinical testing, for clients who are enrolled in treatment programs. Clients engaged in alcohol or substance abuse programs, marriage counseling, or sexual addiction or deviancy treatment routinely rely on clinical polygraph testing to reassure their treatment providers and families that they have complied with treatment guidelines.


Sexual History Testing (in support of psychosexual evaluations)

Comprehensive Sexual History Examinations can be conducted to provide an overview of pre-treatment behaviors as a stand-alone assessment, or as part of a comprehensive psychosexual evaluation. A psychosexual evaluation should not be considered complete without the inclusion of a Sexual History Polygraph, conducted by an experienced professional. Clinical examinations require the client to authorize release of the examination report to their treatment provider, and reports are typically submitted within 24 hours after the exam is administered. Please contact us for sample reports.

Examinations for probationers/parolees who are in treatment are also offered following American Polygraph Association standards on Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT.)


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